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Youchi fabulous line of customized Promotional umbrellas makes the perfect place for printing your company’s logo, brand or personalized message. Rain or shine, your brand will stand out above the crowd on a sleek, colorful manual-opening customized rain umbrella. Watch your message spring to life the next time it rains!

Who we are?

Shenzhen Youchi Umbrella Co., Ltd.

Manual-open & Automatic customized umbrellas are long-lasting and practical, which is why they make such effective places to advertise your business. Have your logo, brand or personalized message imprinted on one of our fashion-forward customized rain umbrellas.
Our Promotional??????rain umbrellas come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, from the tiniest of compacts to the biggest of golf umbrellas. Choose from dozens of different colors the one that is the ultimate backdrop for your corporate logo or personalized message. They make fantastic promotional gifts for customers, clients, partners or employees. They also make wonderful, memorable gifts for a wedding party or guests.

Our customized manual-opening umbrellas are available in a wide variety of styles, including traditional/classic hook-handle, “stick” style, windproof and compact. You can choose from literally dozens of different colors, so coordination with your logo colors is a breeze. You can also select from different arc sizes, some as large as 64 inches.

Promotional gifts, particularly branded umbrellas create instant brand recognition. Every time the recipient uses it your company will be visible to them and they will think about you. Likewise walking down the street with your brand on an umbrella is an instant moving advert for your company. Every single time the umbrella is used it could potentially be seen by hundreds of people.

So, if you’re looking for printed umbrellas, custom designed & branded for your business – welcome, you’ve come to the right place! If you’re looking for a unique personalised parasol designed just for yourself – you are also welcome. This is because we offer a personalized umbrella service second to none. We are UMBRELLA Youchi, a specialist umbrella design business, operating since 20. Working closely with our clients, we design umbrellas with a difference. Unlike many other promo product companies, we don’t do printed mugs or baseball caps or memory sticks … we just do what we really know about – Youchi UMBRELLAS!

Printed umbrellas for businesses large or small

Marketing professionals in businesses large or small know the impact of promotional umbrellas. They know that a personalized parasol is one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising. At Umbrella Youchi we have been helping businesses and individuals with the design of their corporate, promotional & printed umbrellas since 2010.

We have worked with some of the largest companies on the planet. In some instances, their promotional umbrella requirement has been in the thousands! However, we’ve also worked with small businesses or individuals. For example, we’ve produced many single custom branded umbrellas as “one-offs” for individuals who just couldn’t find their required colour combination available anywhere else. Here at Umbrella Youchi, we try hard to respond to demanding timescales when needed. We are a UK-based umbrella company. We can offer “Made in Britain” but we can also offer large quantity far east import pricing options when time permits and price is keen!

Printed and promo umbrellas – we’ve got you covered!

Promotional or advertising umbrellas, as some people call them, are used by many companies as a way to reward loyal staff and valued customers alike.

Printed umbrellas are actually an inexpensive form of advertising. We have produced a selection of branded umbrellas that we believe offer a company a wide choice in regards to styles and pricing. We’ve got traditional golfing brollies at budget prices and top-of-the-range, windproof printed ones, too. However, we also specialise in unique shapes of printed umbrellas for companies who are looking for quality, but also something that little bit unusual.
We have specialist knowledge of umbrella manufacturing and years of umbrella design experience, having worked with many valued and prestigious clients.

why branded umbrellas are a highly effective promotional product.

When it comes to demographics, branded umbrellas can be given to people of any age and gender.

In addition to providing great brand exposure with their large printable surface area, do not underestimate the subliminal, subconscious psychological impact of the gift of an umbrella. Yes, they are useful and convenient, but it’s also about PROTECTION! They protect from hostile elements such as rain, wind and sun. The symbolism of the humble yet iconic umbrella makes it one of the best products to drive loyalty.

A promotional umbrella also provides amazing brand longevity. It lasts for many years. It’s a durable promotional product producing a higher and extended return on investment than most alternatives.

Branded umbrellas work especially well in sporting and corporate events where there is often a large gathering. This ensures that your brand and your logo will be seen by a larger audience than most other promotional products.

They are like a moving billboard for your business. The recipient of your branded umbrella will value it and display your logo wherever they go – and for many years to come! Your brand and logo will be seen potentially by many thousands of people at different times and in different locations.

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